How we like to work

Over the last 27 years as an award winning agency, we’ve worked with many of the UK’s leading retailers. We’ve created, developed and launched lots of new products and helped build some very successful brands, including DFS, Netto, Iceland and Bensons for Beds.

But todays business leaders and marketing teams are faced with the growing challenge of customers’ expectations constantly changing. Add to this the huge diversity of channels, new technologies and the influence of social media –   how do they keep up?

At Public we believe companies need to get closer to their customers so they can react faster to what they want. That’s why a few years ago we stopped working like everyone else and became a customer centric agency.

We bring together all the different people who make your brand what it is – your customers, your senior managers and your people on the front line, to tackle business problems more quickly.

Using a mix of traditional and online techniques, we identify the gaps between what your customers want and what your brand is currently delivering. We give everyone a voice and an active role in the creative and communications process, to produce work that really delivers results.

Here’s how it works.

We Listen

We set aside what we think we know and replace it with a learning and sharing environment so we can understand not just ‘what’ people do, but ‘why’ they do it.

We Learn

We unlock the truths about customer experiences, behaviours, attitudes and the emotions that motivate people to do what they do.

Where are the gaps? What do businesses need to adapt and change? What experiences are customers looking for and how can we influence them?

We Create

Our planning, account and creative teams use these simple truths to create more effective communications and better brand experiences.

We Share

By collaborating with everyone involved we can test our ideas to make sure what we’re doing will deliver the best possible ROI.

We Change Behaviour

Our integrated approach means we’re not tied to any one channel, so we’re free to use whatever we need to make sure the right message gets to the right people to deliver business growth.