Amira, one of the world biggest rice producers came to us  with a brief to make them most admired brand in the premium Basmati rice category in the UK.

However, the client had very little information about their existing customers and their key targets.

So to find these out we developed a bespoke research project to understand shopper attitudes and what shapes and defines purchasing.

What we found

The research gave us unique insights. We found both mainstream and South Asian audiences share a love/hate relationship with home cooking.

People enjoy cooking and see it as an important role in the home. But weekday cooking is a chore. However, the weekend is for more indulgent cooking. And it’s for these ‘special’ meals where people are constantly seeking inspiration.

What we did

The sweet spot for Amira was to own the occasions when people want their food, and themselves to shine. So we developed a strategy and creative platform, Discover. Create. Enjoy, to provide consumers with all the ideas and inspiration they need.


The insights uncovered and the success of the work was shared with other countries around the world and rolled out in the Middle East. We also supported Amira in the USA. During Ramadan and around Diwali Amira reported a huge increases in sales.

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