The previous year’s ‘Be Bensons’ TV brand campaign delivered double-digit growth and we were briefed to move it on and freshen it up, without throwing the baby out with the bathwater. The ad showed that when you’re in the right bed, you can be whatever you want to be. So taking that thought one step further, we began to think about what else a great bed can help you be.

What we found

We knew from research that when people sleep better, they wake up feeling better and this insight gave us  a rich creative territory. So we tested many different scenarios with the bed buying public to find the ones that resonated the most. And while they were there, we also re-tested the current TV commercial to find out what they liked about it and how it could be fine-tuned.

What we did

We filmed a range of scenarios that showed that Bensons really understand the importance of sleep and how it benefits everyday life. Mixing our new, ‘more active’ scenes with the cosiness of the bed received a great response in research. We also evolved the ‘Be Bensons’ campaign into other above the line activity including home interest magazines and national press.


Bensons continues to go from strength to strength despite ever more challenging trading conditions,

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