What we found

People said shopping for beds was intimidating and confusing. They couldn’t tell the difference between the mattresses and they didn’t want to pick the wrong one.

We found that customers didn’t want to be sold a bed – they wanted to buy comfort. But comfort was a personal thing.

What we did

To make it easier for people to find the right bed, we developed a colour coded 1-5 firmness rating system so customers can see, as well as feel the differences between a hard and soft mattress.

We also created the Comfort Station. A dedicated space within the store where customers can test mattresses with different firmness ratings next to each other to help them find the right one.

The firmness rating and Comfort Station are now an integral part of not just the sales process, but the business too. All staff have been re-trained to use it and customers love it.

The results

Double-digit growth in like-for-like sales
Bensons for Beds now have a USP to build the brand around
Customer satisfaction levels have risen significantly
Bensons for Beds have become the UK’s number 1 bed retailer

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