What we found

Customers said that when it came to TV commercials nearly all retailers were saying the same thing – price, price, price. They were fed up with the never ending sale and wanted to see something different.

What we did

We ran a series of co-creation workshops across the country with customers and the Bensons marketing team to identify what key messages should be in the new TV campaign.

Customers said “tell us about your Comfort Station and firmness rating system – it’s different, simple to understand and makes finding the right bed easy”.

They also told us they didn’t want to see too many beds – they just needed to see an example of value for money.

Our creative teams worked with them to develop a single minded proposition and created a series of six different commercials, aimed at different demographics, to demonstrate the benefits of the Comfort Station.

The results.

Hits to the store locator page went up by 50% when the TV campaign aired.
Customers came into the store asking about the Comfort Station.
The impact of the campaign helped achieve double digit growth in like for like sales.

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