Cargo have over 40 stores based in the South of England on high streets and shopping centres, Public were asked to create a new brand and look for their latest concept store.

The store environment is a big influence on shopper behaviour. How long they spend there, what they buy and whether they come back all depends on how comfortable they are.

So the first thing we did was spend time in their stores. Looking, learning and talking to customers and staff.

What we found

While Cargo’s great range of home-making products and their amazing staff always scored high with customers, the over-use of POS created a cluttered, confusing looking store. Brand and offer messages competed, making it hard for customers to know what Cargo stood for.

What we did

We rationalised what was important and what was not. Creating a clean identity and fresh suite of POS including new style price and offer tickets together with brand POS that help customers navigate the store and leave with a strong idea of what Cargo stands for.

The results

Our client is delighted with the results.

Like for like sales are looking promising and we plan to develop the ‘GO’ concept further as we roll it out across their 40 stores.

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