Public had worked for Danish discount supermarket Netto here in the UK for over 20 years. Following Asda’s acquisition of Netto UK, the senior management team in Denmark approached Public with a view to changing the in-store communications at their Døgn Netto stores in and around Copenhagen.

What we found

With their handy, city centre locations, they are seen by many as simply convenience stores. But that was only half the story.

After talking to the senior management team and their customers, we uncovered a strong set of corporate values and provenance stories that weren’t being communicated.

Døgn Netto not only offers exceptional value for money but also sources much of their food ethically and locally.  Their commitment to customer service goes far beyond what is expected of  a convenience store too.

What we did

To reflect this, we created a suite of in store marketing material that engaged with both new and existing shoppers by proving you can buy quality, organic, ethically sourced great value food at a supermarket that’s also conveniently located.

The results

The client was “delighted with the results” and today, the Døgn Netto brand is known as a benchmark for responsible retailing in Denmark.

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