We had already worked closely with Bensons, their staff and customers to develop the highly successful Comfort Station – a whole new way to choose the right bed.

The next phase of this was the development and launch of the Comfort Station Adaptive – designed to help people find the right mattress  for them.

In just a few minutes the unique comfort tracking technology analyses your preferred sleeping position and recommends a selection of mattresses that are just right for you.

What we found

Prior to the national rollout, we trialled the CSA bed in a number of stores and learned how both staff and customers interacted with the technology.

From these valuable insights we were able to identify how to  turn this USP into a meaningful part of the bed buying process.  

We also discovered that when you add something new into the store environment, staff often need as much help understanding it as customers do.

What we did

We created a suite of material to support the rollout. At the heart of this was an online video that demonstrated what the CSA does.

We also thought carefully about how the CSA enhances the instore experience and used a number of touch points in store, including POS and on-screen displays to help customers understand the benefits this technology offers.  

As the CSA gave Bensons a clear USP, it also became an intrinsic part of Bensons TV commercials.


Bensons now have another USP which is part of all marketing activity in a ever more competitive market. Conversion rates for customers using the CSA are very impressive.

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