The OSMA  waterless trap is a very clever product. The unique design works like a U-bend, but takes up only a fraction of the space. Despite its many benefits, awareness of this product was low amongst installers. Our brief was to re-launch HepvO and increase sales in the UK by 10%.

What we did

This product is all about innovation. So everything we did made it clear that this was no ordinary trap. Focussing on the space-saving features and the fact that it won’t dry out like conventional U-bends, we created a fully integrated trade campaign covering trade press, merchant displays, online comms, including an informative video and on-pack promotions. We even re-designed the packaging to bring it up to date.


As a result of improved product knowledge, increased distribution and product visibility, sales have increased year-on-year by over 20%. Double our original target.

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