Iceland had a big idea. They wanted to launch a new super-sized Food Warehouses. This whole new retail concept combined a large cash-and-carry format with a more traditional Iceland style store. Open to both trade and the public, the huge stores allow customers to buy in bulk.

But the Food Warehouse isn’t all about pile it high sell it cheap. The Iceland brand is committed to improving the perception of frozen food.

It’s why alongside the more familiar Iceland products there are more exotic lines such as champagne, lobster tails, scallops, even kangaroo meatballs and crocodile burgers.  

What we did

A big venture like this needed a strong identity. So we created a new brand to make a big impact – a logo that would stand out on the busy retail parks. Once inside, large format store signage helped customers navigate the huge space. We designed everything from staff uniforms, store navigation, offer POS, website and price tickets, to make sure the store had a clear and coherent look and feel.

To support the launch we also created a ‘More than you think’ campaign to highlight that The Food Warehouse is so much more than your standard Iceland store.


Despite the intensely competitive grocery market, Iceland’s Food Warehouse has been a massive success. They now have over 30 stores and more are in the pipeline.


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