Public were briefed to develop a brand new look for Iceland’s stores and challenge the traditional customer journey of its shoppers.

What we found

We spent time in the stores understanding how people shopped, what they thought of the experience, the brand and the products they bought.

Regular Iceland shoppers were incredibly brand loyal. They raved about the quality of the food and the value for money. However, people who were new to the stores said there was too much ‘offer POS’ shouting about prices and felt they were too aggressive looking.

Many of Iceland’s products have great provenance stories that weren’t being told or were being lost in the visual noise. ¬†We also found that many Iceland key messages were out of the line of sight of shoppers.

What we did

We created a suite of POS material that made the stores look and feel very different. Key USP’s were communicated in the right place, provenance stories were told in a more engaging tone of voice and a new photography style was adopted.

Value is key to the Iceland shopper. The new brand communicates deals and offers in a more controlled way.

The results

Initial reactions from the client have been very positive and we are looking forward to hearing what customers think.

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