Pet is the one of the UK’s fastest growing online retailers and a one-stop shop for everything pet-related, stocking many well known brands.

With over 10,000 products available online for home delivery, they wanted to be the first online pet store to advertise above the line.

What we found

The bond between owners and pets is a very special one. But the unconditional love we have for them does come with some conditions.

It’s up to their owners to keep them healthy, happy and entertained. As well as keeping up with the less glamorous things such as flea control. All this takes time and money and can help save on both.

What we did

We created a DRTV commercial that celebrated all that’s good about owning a pet. The love, friendship and affection. Those golden moments shared together, away from the stresses and strains of the day.

However, we also had to have a strong brand recall and clear call to action, to drive pet owners to the site.

The results.

25% increase in sales when the commercial aired.
More airtime booked to run the campaign again.  The ads have proved so successful, we have produced European language versions of them

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