When Hep2O, the makers of the industry leading plastic push-fit plumbing system, added underfloor heating to their range, they wanted to not only launch it but capture lots of data about the installers who use it.

What we did

Our Big Match promotion launched the new underfloor range and gave plumbers the chance to win 2 VIP tickets each week, to a football or rugby match of their choice, along with hundreds of other prizes.

However, we knew the key to the success of the promotion was to get the merchants on side. So we created a win/win for them too – if one of their customers won, they also won with prizes to share with staff.

We created a website for plumbers to enter their details and ticket numbers into. This enabled us to capture data and identified which merchants had participated in the promotion.

Trade press and radio advertising boosted uptake during the campaign and social media was used to tell everyone about the weekly winners, merchants and maintain interest in the promotion.


Thousands of names were captured and questionnaires helped us better understand the installers for future marketing activity.

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