The world is constantly changing – people don’t just buy brands anymore, they like them, share them, follow them and tweet them. They no longer just consume media, they are creating and distributing it as well.

Over the last few years technology has put customers in the driving seat. They are more empowered and less brand loyal than ever before.

Even successful brands find themselves running to keep up with their evolving markets and shifting customer expectations. So the challenge facing every business today is how do you keep up? How are you supposed to know what they’re thinking? How do you know what they like?

Historically, agencies and clients have followed a well trodden process in an attempt to persuade consumers to behave in a certain way.

But, just as brands need to evolve, so do agencies. That’s why a few years ago we threw the rule book away. At Public Image we’ve replaced the tired and less effective traditional agency process with a vibrant and collaborative approach where client, agency and customer all have an equally important part to play in solving the business problem and have an active role in the creative and communications process.

By sharing and testing ideas with everyone, we can shorten lead times and make sure we create more relevant communications and better brand experiences.

This new and open way of working creates fresh thinking and business changing ideas. And it really works.

Together we help brands grow.